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At Caro & Asociados we stand out for offering comprehensive and robust regulatory compliance services with guarantees. Each sector has its own operations and processes, as well as risks inherent to its own activity.

Thus, at Caro & Asociados we offer specialised advice depending on the risks associated with each of the following sectors, in which, over time, we have specialised:

Mining is a sector that is highly exposed to criminal risks. It must comply with both its specific regulations and the general industry sector regulations, which complicates risk mitigation. Some examples of offences involving compliance violations are: mining in unauthorised locations, unauthorised dumping, environmental damage, corruption and fraud, etc.

At Caro & Asociados we have proven experience in advising companies in this sector. Among other services, we support our clients in obtaining authorisations for the handling of Chemical Inputs and Controlled Products, as well as with other related administrative procedures, which is a way of avoiding the commission of crimes such as stockpiling controlled inputs or illegal mining.

The prevention of criminal risks is a major challenge for the construction sector.

At Caro & Asociados we design Compliance implementation systems based on our extensive experience in construction companies, focused on designing a risk map for our clients to comply with all the requirements demanded in terms of regulatory compliance.

Compliance in the Real Estate sector is the greatest guarantor of complying throughout the whole cycle of any related activity, no matter who the agents involved are (employees, suppliers, and clients, among others).

At Caro & Asociados we assess the activity of this sector in order to mitigate the risks of crimes related to Real Estate activity and to ensure correct compliance with the applicable regulations.

One of the biggest challenges that the infrastructure sector is currently facing is to comply with applicable regulations regarding project development.  

Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of the regulations applicable to the infrastructure sector and supports clients throughout their activity to prevent potential risks arising from regulatory non-compliance.

Companies involved in the machinery sector are aware of the risks that may arise from their activity and of the need for good legal management to minimise operational risks.

The implementation of Compliance systems by professional experts in the sector such as those at Caro & Asociados is the most effective method for guaranteeing compliance with current regulations and the development of business activity with guarantees.

The hydrocarbon sector is notable for its high need for internal control and compliance.

In the supply chain of a sector as regulated and strategic as this one, it is especially necessary to have a prevention system, with a control system for the detection of risks and an predefined effective response in the event of a contingency. At Caro & Asociados we are experts in promoting good corporate governance in companies so that, through Compliance Programs, the above mentioned points are carried out. 

Although regulatory non-compliance is usually more linked to businesses or the  industrial sector, education also has specific characteristics in terms of compliance that require real specialisation in order to provide effective solutions.

Due to the nature of their activity, educational centres are related to different agents and organisations in society. As such, they are exposed, like any other sector, to a large number of risks in terms of regulatory compliance. For this reason, the Compliance program offered by Caro & Asociados is the most effective mechanism for minimising and preventing these risks.

The need to implement a compliance system is even stronger in sectors that are strictly regulated, such as the financial sector.

Caro & Asociados is fully aware of the need to manage the risks derived from banking and financial activity so that our clients can carry out their activity with guarantees of operating in accordance with current regulations. Thanks to our Banking and Financial Compliance services, we provide our clients’ structures with legal certainty, promote a culture of compliance and mitigate potential criminal risks.

The insurance sector is characterised by a profuse and complex regulation. It is therefore easy for a company to fall foul of regulations arising from the liability generated by this activity.

The implementation of a Compliance Program drawn up by sector experts such as our lawyers is a key mechanism for our clients to be protected against potential risks arising from non-compliance with regulations.

In today’s business environment of increasing reliance on telecommunications, it is essential to have an effective compliance system in place.

Many preventive measures are necessary to mitigate risk in this broad sector. We have a team of experts highly specialised in setting up a Compliance Program focused on mitigating the wide range of risks related to telecommunications.

The regulation affecting the different actors that take part in an airport activity is extensive and diverse. Consequently, it is particularly exposed to criminal risks as a consequence of the complexity of its activities.

At Caro & Asociados we are experts in Compliance for complex sectors such as this one, mitigating possible criminal risks, generating improvements in internal organisation and even facilitating potential international business relations.

The activity of the transport sector carries great threats and risks, that go from contracting with unauthorised carriers to illegal trafficking.

At Caro & Asociados we manage the specific risks derived from our clients’ activity so that they comply with the regulations in force and mitigate the risks associated with a legal breach or criminal offence.

Technology inherently carries specific risks associated with the myriad of threats associated with its use and application. From digitisation and digitalisation processes to the use of any kind of new technology, its risks must be duly contemplated with a plan for the prevention, detection and correction of criminal offences.

Based on the above, at Caro & Asociados we develop Compliance Programs adapted to the specific compliance risks of the technology sector.  

The healthcare sector is characterised by specific risks related to such sensitive issues in a variety of activities such as medical practices, hospitals, private clinics, psychiatric hospitals and pharmacies, among others.

It is therefore essential to have expert professionals such as the team at Caro & Asociados who can develop specific Compliance Programs to mitigate all the criminal risks associated with the healthcare sector.

Although Public Administrations do not currently have an express obligation to adopt Compliance Programs, the nature of their own activity entails risks that may involve criminal offences. It can, therefore, be beneficial to use such programs to improve management and service provision, also setting an example to the private sector.

Another indirect facet of compliance in this sector is the application of limits on access to public procurement for private companies that do not comply with certain measures to ensure regulatory compliance.

Our experts are familiar with the particularities of these processes and their experience helps clients to comply with requirements in this sector in order to gain access to public contracts.

Compliance and services are two concepts that are increasingly linked. It is a reality that any activity is subject to risks, and the services sector is no exception.

The basis of the solution to avoid such rosks is the implementation of a Compliance Program adapted to the particularities of this sector with the help of Caro & Asociados specialists.