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The Litigation area offers services in a wide range of legal areas, including constitutional, civil, commercial and administrative matters. Our lawyers are recognised for their expertise in these areas and strive to provide the excellent service that has been the hallmark of our firm over the years.

Our services in the area of litigation include:
  • Conciliation and negotiation: We are experts in resolving disputes through alternative methods such as conciliation and negotiation, seeking efficient and satisfactory solutions for all parties involved.

  • PAS Litigation: We offer a full litigation service for matters related to administrative law, ensuring strong and effective representation in legal proceedings before the relevant authorities. 

  • Defence in Constitutional Proceedings: Our lawyers are prepared to defend your fundamental rights in constitutional proceedings, guaranteeing strong and competent representation in these critical situations.

  • Civil and Commercial Litigation: Whatever your civil or commercial dispute, our lawyers are ready to represent you with determination and skill in court, always seeking the best resolution for our clients.

  • Arbitration: We offer arbitration services to resolve disputes effectively and efficiently outside conventional courts, providing an agile and specialised alternative.


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