Caro & Asociados

Training institution CEDPE TRAINING

Caro & Asociados is more than a law firm: it is also an educational institution.


Through the Centro de Estudios de Derecho Penal Económico y de la Empresa or Centre for the Study of Economic Criminal Law and Business Law (CEDPE), we provide quality training aimed at strengthening legal research.

Excellence in the knowledge of law is achieved through the development of specialised scientific activity. In our case, our activity is focused on the criminal law field in order to offer solutions to specific business problems.

The research areas covered by CEDPE are:

At Caro & Asociados we also believe, in line with our mission (to improve companies in order to improve the life of our country and its citizens), that disseminating knowledge is fundamental to enrich society. That is why, in addition to research, we share important criminal law knowledge through our Anuario de Derecho Penal Económico y de la Empresa or Yearbook of Business and Economic Criminal Law (ADPE) and Anuario de derecho económico y de la empresa | Consultoría en Derecho Penal (, which compiles articles of great relevance to the criminal law community written by various national and international authors, selected for their relevance and expertise.


Advantages of our training: